Sunday, October 5, 2014


Sindhi phakki is a very traditional and age old recipe that we have learnt from our ancestors.. This was served as an accompaniment along with Sindhi Daroon (daru) during the ceremonies. It has healthy nuts, sweet toffees and mints which are broken into pieces. As a shagun this is also distributed among relatives during the weddings. Preparing this also was one of the rituals. As it is time consuming many ladies would get together to do it. 

Pistachios - Half cup(Sliced)
Almonds - Half cup(Sliced)
Strong pepper mints - One-fourth cup (Broken onto small pieces)
Lump sugar/ misri - One-fourth cup (Broken into small pieces)
Colourful toffees - 1 cup of various colours and flavours like fruity, orange, pineapple, kala khatta etc.(Broken into pieces)
Cardamoms - 3-4 tablespoons(Crush lightly and remove the seeds. Only seeds are to be used)
Shah jeera or Saunf - 3-4 tablespoons(Dry roast it lightly and let it cool before mixing. This ingredient is optional)


Mix all the ingredients together and store in an air tight container.

Sindhi Phakki packed beautifully for distribution to friends and relatives during wedding ceremonies.


  1. I'm hearing this for the first time.. Interesting one!

  2. I haven't heard of these before. Great idea!

  3. Hi Shobha, thank you for a wonderful blog and for helping preserve our community’s rich culinary heritage. I am looking for Sindhi Daru/Daroon recipe. Would you have it?

    1. Yes, I have the recipe and will try to make it and post in the coming months