Sunday, October 5, 2014

SATPURA (Sindhi Sweet)

This is a Traditional Sindhi sweet and is prepared in the month of Shravan for the Satai / Satam ( Saptami ) Festival. The process is a bit tedious and tricky how to roll and fry these with perfection controlling the heat without making them brown. They have to be white and crunchy. I have learnt this from my grand mother. Those days everything was prepared at home in large quantities to be shared with friends and neighbours. She used to make me sit next to her to observe how she made them. It will always be my favourite because I have memories of my grandmother attached with this dish. 

White flour .......... 2-3 cups
Oil ........................ for frying
Sugar .................. (for sprinkling)

For Garnishing:
Cardamom powder
Pistachio powder


1. Knead the flour with water. (nothing else to be added)

2. In a bowl mix 2 tbsp. oil and 2 tbsp. white flour.

3. Roll a small portion of dough, without using flour to roll. You may use oil to roll if needed.

4. Cut into strips. Now stretch each strip and apply the flour-oil paste and join all the strips to make a round roll.

5. Roll this lightly, again using oil if needed.

6. In a frying pan, heat the oil and fry this. Using the tongs, open it up lightly. It has to be fried on a very low flame, taking care not to make it brown. It should be crisp.

7. Drain the oil from the satpuras and let them cool.

8. Sprinkle sugar, cardamom powder and pistachio powder on top.
(Do not sprinkle sugar while hot)


  1. what a great idea. We make savoury satpadi puri but the sweet version looks very appealing.

  2. I have never heard of these before - they look very interesting.

  3. That looks so nice. It's like making pandari puri which my mother in law use to make.