Sunday, October 5, 2014

KANKA JI SOOJI JO SEERO ( Wheat Semolina Sheera )

Sheera is usually prepared on festive occasions as an offering ( Prashad / Bhog ) to God. It can be prepared with various ingredients like flour, semolina, besan etc etc.. Today's recipe is made with thick wheat semolina.or sooji. The consistency of this semolina is thicker and it takes a little longer to cook. I have used jaggery to sweeten as I like it better, but you can also use sugar. It tastes better when made with desi ghee. If you feel it might be heavy you can use half ghee and half oil.

Wheat semolina - 1 cup ( yield is 3-4 cups after cooking )
Jaggery or sugar .. 1 cup 
Green cardamoms . 5-6
Saffron ..... few strands
Ghee or oil .........3-4  tbsps 
Salt ...... 1/8 tsp ( 2 pinches)
Almonds and pistachios ... few chopped

1. Melt the jaggery / sugar in 2 cups water. Remove the dirt and strain it. 
2. In a pan heat ghee and tip in the slit cardamoms.
3. Add the semolina and saute with a spatula until golden brown.
4. Add  one cup water and simmer it to cook. Add a pinch of salt.
5. When it is half done add the strained jaggery or sugar syrup and saffron. Cook on low flame stirring from time to time until the semolina is cooked. 
6. Towards the end place the pan on a tawa for dum. If you wish you can add a little more ghee at this stage.
Garnish with chopped almonds and pistachios.

Note: If you like a softer consistency of sheera you can add more water.The above quantity makes a grainy consistency.Also note that the sheera becomes drier after a few hours as the wheat grains absorb the moisture. The quantity of sugar / jaggery can also be adjusted according to your preference.


  1. Seero is so tempting,if this is the one made from broken wheat what we call lapsi, I love it. My all time favourite and easy to make for unexpected guests. Next time I will make it with jaggery instead of sugar.

    1. Thanks for liking and you will surely love the one made with jaggery.

  2. Gosh that looks good! It looks like the perfect comfort food too :)
    Janie x