Thursday, April 18, 2019


This is a cardamom flavoured mutton stew from the Sindhi Cuisine. It is usually served with rotis and makes a very light meal. The soupy gravy tastes good with fresh and soft pav bread too. I remember mom used to make it when we were unwell and recovering from fever to regain the energy.
This preparation usually is made by simmering on low flame but these days the mutton is so hard that it takes very long to cook. I have pressure cooked it.

Mutton with bones .... 1/2 kg
Green cardamoms ..... 8
Cinnamon stick ........ 1 small piece
Bay leaves ............... 1-2
Turmeric powder ..... 1/8 tsp
Garam masala powder .. 1/2 tsp
Wheat flour ................... 1 tbsp (to make slurry)
Salt ..................... to taste
Oil .................... 1-2 tbsp
Freshly crushed black pepper ... 2 pinches or as per your liking.


1. Clean the mutton pieces and set aside.

2. In a pressure cooker heat the oil and tip in the crushed cardamoms, cinnamon and bay leaf.

3. When they give out a nice aroma add the mutton pieces.

 4. Saute for few minutes until the colour changes.

5. Next add the salt and turmeric powder.

6. Add 3-4 cups of water.

7.. Close the lid and cook for 7 - 8 whistles.

8. After few minutes open the lid and check if the mutton needs to be cooked further.

9. In a bowl mix the wheat flour with water to make a slurry.

10. Add the slurry into the mutton and mix it well.

11. Adjust the gravy and add little water if needed. Add garam masala powder and simmer for a minute or two.

12. Sprinkle the crushed black pepper while serving.


  1. Adding cardamom must have added a lovely sweet aromatic flavour to the stew. I love the flavour of cardamom and not really used it in savory dishes.

  2. mutton and goat are my favorite meats and love the idea of this gravy - Will definitely be trying it soon!

  3. A great recipe described step by step to create a fragrant curry using ingredients like cinnamon and cardamon.

  4. what a wonderful way to make the meat aromatic by adding the spices while you pressure cook it. The Sindhi name for the dish is a tongue twister.

  5. Mutton does need a lot of cooking - a pressure cooker helps enormously!

  6. Adding cardamom to the dish must be making it so aromatic and flavorful. Mutton and other stews are usually recommended when one is recovering from a sickness..

    1. Yes.. it gives you energy when you are feeling low

  7. That is a recipe to keep , specially as it is mild in flavours and best during cough an cold.

  8. I don't eat mutton, but this simple dish sounds so flavorful with all the spices and a strong cardamom flavor!!